CSE102 Review //Week5

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Topic: Network

  • Types
  • Topology


  • LAN

LAN stands for Local Area Networks; It's the typical home network setup, which is also widely used in Miami University. Computing is made up of lots of LANs connected together.

  • MAN

Metropolitan Area Networks; It's used in multiple blocks and buildings, even the entire city. And a MAN can connect multiple LANs.

  • WAN

Wide Area Networks; It's used in an entire country or multiple countries, the Internet is a big example.

  • PAN

Personal Area Networks; It allows users to connect two or more of their devices. Bluetooth headset is a great example.


  • Ring
  • Star
  • Bus
  • Mesh
  • Others

Pics from the slides of Prof Carver, authorized.

Midterm time: March 11th/13th 2020